Beravement and Loss

Bereavement and loss is inevitable; it impacts all aspects of our physical and emotional well-being and can have an enormous effect on our daily lives. Intense sadness is part of the grieving process; however a bereavement can sometimes cause some individuals to struggle with day to day life and normal functioning. We all experience the grieving process in our own unique way and working through our grief enables us to heal from the intense feelings associated with the loss. Grief can be experienced through the death of a loved one, separation or divorce, loss of health, unemployment, retirement, infertility, addiction or loss of identity through depression or difficult life circumstances.

Counselling can help to support you through this difficult period of grief and accompany you through the feelings you may experience such as sadness, anger, frustration, numbness, guilt and depression. It may also help to address the practical and emotional aspects, developing coping mechanisms to deal with the day to day challenges around loss. Counselling gives you time and space to work through your grief and the emotional pain associated it. Ultimately, counselling can support you to adjust to life and accept the reality of your loss.

Janette really helped me to cope my fathers death.
Karla Brun

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